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Meet Rebrand

Meet is a Korean barbecue restaurant targeting young people. Client’s assignment for Mengchao, Hao and Sijia is to create an art direction and visual identity to express the vivid brand image and promote the various meats. The shapes of meats on the grill naturally present geometries. This idea leads them to the milestone of the concept, connecting different meats, seafood and vegetables with specified geometries. Various shape combinations and patterns give the geometries a playful and hot final touch.

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Krafton Game Union

Krafton's logo design system expresses both the uniqueness and consistency of each alliance brand after being inspired by the crest of the Craft Guild of the Middle Ages, as the brand's core identity is centered on craftsmanship in developing games. The crest shape of the logo is applied consistently to all the alliance brands, differentiated by the use of designated colors, and forms a cohesive visual system.

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Lunema Specimen

Lunema is a highly stylized contemporary neo-grotesque sans serif typeface with strong geometric contrasts. A functional san serif family that can stand the test of time, whilst still feeling modern and unique. Each letter shape has been crafted with great attention to detail in order to ensure legibility at large and small sizes due to the distinct deep ink traps. All 10 weights have an extended Latin glyph set with alternatives and ligatures.

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Cap Pac

Cap Pac is a marketing tool tailored for outdoor events. Designed to increase uptake and widening the appeal of brands promotional products, by offering multiple fun, interactive and useful products for the consumer. The configuration of the Sign/Drinks Carrier and two detachable Sun Visors fitting around each other, fully utilising the material. All these products are made from a single sheet of card making them cheap to deliver and easy to distribute at the event. Manufactured in the most sustainable way possible, with each CapPac produced actually having a positive impact to the planet.

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Don't Lose Your Biculutural

For achieving the goal of cultural integration, the mission of this campaign was to generate awareness and educate immigrants about cultural integration by delivering the clear message of maintaining bicultural. The campaign built around fully embracing the TV test pattern which alludes to the moment of losing. The key vision ties eight symbols of the participating countries to create a unified yet diverse feeling. Through eight different languages Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, French, Italy, and Hindi in the title to interpret the main idea - Don’t lose your bicultural.

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OWDT was hired to design a flexible identity system that was dynamic and technically inclusive. We made it our purpose to highlight the technologies used by Moneta in the brand mark. The design gracefully overcame the challenge of balancing the brand’s geolocation characteristics and data type visuals. Moneta’s brand identity now clearly leads its highly technical audience to the world’s most dynamic geolocation technology.

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