Lichtzeitraum-Architecture Biennale-Architectural Light Installation by Nico Ueberholz-Ueberholz Gmbh

Nico Ueberholz-Ueberholz Gmbh Shows The Lichtzeitraum-Architecture Biennale Architectural Light Installation

Nico Ueberholz - Ueberholz GmbH, the author of the displayed work Architectural light installation by Nico Ueberholz - Ueberholz GmbH demonstrates, Our entire world is structured by light and shade, time and rhythm, emotion and perception. In licht <Cropped>

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Toy by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Creates The Mini Mech Toy

The designer of the award winning work Toy by Acclaimed Designer demonstrates, Inspired by the flexible nature of modular structures, Mini Mech is a collection of transparent blocks that can be assembled into complex systems. Each block contains a me <Cropped>

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Residential House:n8-House [ House of Iii-Box ] by Masahiko Sato

Masahiko Sato Demonstrates The N8-House [ House of Iii-Box ] Residential House

Masahiko Sato, the project leader of the awarded project Residential House:N8-house [ House of III-BOX ] by Masahiko Sato says, At night, the shadow of houses will change with the light of the moon and stars, just like expressions on people’s face. <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Chair by Arash Shojaee

Arash Shojaee Shows The Charchoob Multifunctional Chair

Arash Shojaee, the maker of the awarded design Arash Shojaee's charchoob Multifunctional Chair explicates, The cubic form of the product keeps it stable and balanced in all directions. Moreover the three way usage of the product in formal, infor <Cropped>

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Brand Identity:petitana by Anastasia Smyslova

Anastasia Smyslova Shares The Petitana Brand Identity

Anastasia Smyslova, the thinktank behind the award winning design Brand Identity by Anastasia Smyslova explains, PetitAna - Handmade stuff for chic baby, is a brand of various stuff for babies (clothes, accessories, furniture, accessories for nursery <Cropped>

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Saxo by Gabriela Chelsoi-Creativebydefinition

Gabriela Chelsoi-Creativebydefinition Exhibits The Saxo Packaging Design For Gin

Gabriela Chelsoi - CreativeByDefinition, the lead designer of the awarded design Saxo - Packaging design for gin by Gabriela Chelsoi - CreativeByDefinition illustrates, Saxo takes its inspiration from Jazz music and its colorful history that started <Cropped>

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Usire Collection by Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry

Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry Portrays The Usire Collection Earrings

Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry, the thinktank behind the award winning design Earrings by Brazil & Murgel Contemporary Jewelry explains, The Usire Collection presents harmony and balance of shapes without the obviousness and monotony of <Cropped>

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Zhanglian Yan's Qianyifeng Corporate Identity

Zhanglian Yan Illustrates The Qianyifeng Corporate Identity

Zhanglian Yan, the project leader of the awarded design Zhanglian Yan's Qianyifeng Corporate Identity points out, This is a corporate image of an art gallery agency. The use of traditional Chinese characters strokes as elements of design, Logo c <Cropped>

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Residential Design by Kot, Ge

Kot, Ge Portrays The Luneng Mgm Royal Villa Residential Design

Kot, Ge, the thinktank behind the awarded project Luneng MGM Royal Villa by Kot, Ge says, “Image” is an inseparable part of the ancient Chinese poetry. As a Chinese, we tend to endow a certain “Subject” with a “Special Meaning”, and tur <Cropped>

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S. Lepuschitz, Y. Zheng and Z. Liao's Careful! Labyrinth Toy

S. Lepuschitz, Y. Zheng and Z. Liao Reveals The Careful! Labyrinth Toy

S. Lepuschitz, Y. Zheng and Z. Liao, the author of the award winning design labyrinth Toy:Careful! by S. Lepuschitz, Y. Zheng and Z. Liao illustrates, Careful is a flexible balance-labyrinth toy. The labyrinth can be self made by players through the <Cropped>

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